At the FENG, DSWE, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Mathematics I / 1st Stage (code: CHE101)
2. Petroleum and Gas Properties / 2nd Stage (code: CHE207)
3. Unit Operation Lab / 4th Stage  (code: CHE407)

CHE101 course
Stage: 1st
No. of Students: 57

CHE207 Course
Stage: 2nd
Classroom: Thermo Lab
No. of Students: 41

CHE407 Course
Stage: 4th
No. of Students: 30

My Philosophy
in Teaching
Perhaps the most important aspect of teaching students is preparing students for interest among the lecture. This aspect is not only must in the first lecture(s) but it must be planed in every lecture’s beginning. 
I picture myself as a member of the audience and ask: "How does this message affect me?". 
From here, I can translate what can I send to the students and what they are able to receive, accept, support and understand from me. 
My method in teaching is a mix of classic and modern way by using whiteboard and beamer to present lectures in PowerPoint programs. Mostly there is a way to keep lecture in contact with practical life. Furthermore there are always pre and after class discussions. Students are quizzed from time to time. There are also office times for students to ask and to get help. I ask students often to work independently or in groups to maintain motivation and focus for complex projects. Finally I encourage students to use all possible methods for contacting such as mailing, phone contact, etc.