Academic Profile

Abdulmajid Hama-Amin Osman

Assistant Lecturer o
f Chemical Engineering
   (+964) -7711516454
   Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq


Outline Biography
He obtained his bachelor degree in chemical Engineering at the University of Tikrit in Iraq. After immigration in the Netherlands, he earned his master degree in chemical engineering at the University of Groningen. The profile of his study has been focused on the profession of technologist in industry, which deals with fine chemistry and structural products. The internship during the study took place at the Dirkse-Milieutechniek (DMT), which is an environmental technology consultant agency. The project was about optimization of small-scale domestic wastewater treatments (IBA). Furthermore, his graduation project was about SBA-15 Mesoporous Materials “Advanced control of porosity in SBA-15 porous supports through Fenton Detemplation”.
Currently, he is a docent assistant at the university ok Koya in the north of Iraq, at the chemical engineering department, he teachs Mathematic (I), Petroleum and Gas Properties (Laboratory and Theory), Unit Operation Laboratory and supervising some graduation projects of last years students.

Research Interests
1. Wastewater recycling .
2. Petrochemicals and polymer products.

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