Academic Profile

Abdulbasit K. Faeq Al-Talabani

PhD in Computer science
(+964) - 7501166616
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Outline Biography
Abdulbasit Al-Talabani received a Bachelor degree in Mathematics in 2000, from Salahaddin University, MSc in computer science from Koya University in 2006, and PhD in Computer Science from The University of Buckingham, UK. He is currently an academic staff at the Software Engineering Department at Koya University- Kurdistan-Iraq. His academic interest focuses on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Speech Processing and Optimization. He is currently involved in some research projects in the area of Deep Learning for Speech, Vision, and data generation applications and participated in projects regarding ad hoc tour optimisation and fingerprint positioning. He has around ten published papers and attends some international Conferences. 

Research Interests  Speech processing, Machin Learning, Emotion in speech, and Deep Learning.